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Tumbleweed Nutrition is dedicated to providing evidence-based and culturally relevant nutrition education for tribal organizations.




Tumbleweed Nutrition was created out of a strong passion, a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment to making learning easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Founded in 2021, my unique approach to learning is designed to provide your participants with the opportunity to learn about nutrition in realistic ways that work for our indigenous communities. Presentations are offered virtually or in-person.


Cooking Classes

Get ready for a hands-on, immersive cooking class for your participants. Our indigenous communities learn best by seeing and doing to drive the lesson home. Each cooking class explores how to prepare indigenous foods with a twist to offer balance and satisfaction. They’ll learn basic food prep skills and cooking essentials to become confident in the kitchen. Presentations are offered in-person locally and virtually.


Curriculum Development

Curriculum development is the multi-step process of creating or improving a class or workshop taught at your program or tribal organization. This service develops or reviews your program's nutrition curriculum or education materials based on a critical and evidence-based examination using health behavior change theories and indigenous knowledge and customs as guiding principles.

"As a farmer, I enjoy working with Denee because she practices what she preaches. She has both the clinical training, but also the lived experience of growing up on the rez and growing her own foods that she incorporates into her diet and uses to teach others in the Navajo community."

Bidii Baby Foods, New Mexico

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