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Discussion Cards for Dietitians

Are you looking for an effective way to engage with Native and Indigenous patients?


My Discussion Cards for Dietitians are the perfect way to help your patients build healthier eating habits, create a better relationship with food, and make the most of their time in your office. This person-centered card deck utilizes inclusive language and sixteen different topics that have key messages all centered on helping you be more effective as a dietitian. It even come with 6 bonus handouts to help you and your patients.


With this card deck, you can easily engage with Native or Indigenous clients without making them feel uncomfortable or out of place. Not only can it help them build healthier eating habits, but it is also engaging and enjoyable! Plus, these cards contain key messages for you that focus on using time efficiently during each visit.


Download these Discussion Cards for Dietitians today and get started building healthier relationships between yourself, your patients, and food right away!

Discussion Cards for Dietitians

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