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Denee is dedicated to offering engaging and interactive presentations for your audience while honoring Native history and heritage. Denee delivers non-judgmental education and practical strategies to build a healthier relationship to food.


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"Supporting healthy habits away from home"

for Native Forward Scholars Fund

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"How does growing my own food help me be healthy?"

for Dine College

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Blue Corn Mush Parfait Cooking Class

for Tibbetts Elementary

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"Supporting a healthy family"

for Navajo Nation Family and Child Education Program

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Banana-Walnut  Neeshjizhii Pancakes w Strawberry Pinon Topping cooking class for Arizona State University INSPIRE Summer Program

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Tadidiin to Cuisine Cooking Class with Corn Pollen Collection Event for Bidii Baby Foods

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Talk with Denee about customizing a presentation, food demo or cooking class tailored to your target population!


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