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Professional Development

Denee is dedicated to offering high-quality professional development to assist your staff in fine-tuning their skills in offering culturally relevant and inclusive health care.

Signature Workshops


2 / Item Title

"Indigenous-Focused Nutrition Programs: Leveraging the power of dietitians in community programs"

for Inter Tribal Council of Arizona

3 / Item Title

"From Blue Corn Mush to Frybread: An Indigenous-Centered Approach to Nutrition"

for Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Cultures of Gender and Age & South Carolina Affiliate

3 / Item Title

"Exploring the Impact of Diet Culture on Indigenous Communities: How Do We Move Forward?"

for UC Berkeley

3 / Item Title

"Food & Cancer: The Role of Nutrition and Healthy Habits During and After Cancer Treatment"

for University of Arizona

3 / Item Title

"Empowering Indigenous Families Through Trauma-Informed Nutrition Education"

as keynote speaker for Metropolitan State University's Nutrition Diversity Conference

3 / Item Title

"Include Indigenous Food and Communities in Diabetes Care: The Navajo Experience" for the Association Diabetes Care and Education Specialists 2023 Annual Conference

3 / Item Title

Talk with Denee about customizing a presentation, food demo or cooking class tailored to your target population!


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